About The Ceo

Creative fashionista, vibrant, & high-spirited are only a few words to describe Sacha, The Style Pioneer, & CEO of The Vault by Sacha.

Fashion has always been a part of Sacha! Her journey began with hour-long trips to the fabric store as a little girl, watching her mother choose materials for her fashion designs. Having a fashion designer as a mom surely sparked her love for creative expression & it was only a matter
of time before Sacha began her own personalized journey in the fashion world.

In high school, Sacha was elected president of the fashion club & even voted best dressed by her peers.  Although fashion was her first love, after college she began a career as a licensed Respiratory Therapist. While she gained security working in healthcare, Sacha was not fulfilled
by security alone. As she began to think of ways to gain fulfilment, one thing was for sure:

"When she looked good, she felt even better!"

Sacha boldly decided it was time to pursue a career in fashion full-time. With a daring spirit & support from family and friends, Sacha began The Vault by Sacha in March 2018. Little did she know her decision to choose passion over security would result in her Instagram followers growing from 5,0000 to 80,000 in what seemed like the blink of an eye!

Sacha now has the luxury of doing what she loves every day, but maintaining a full-time online boutique isn’t all glitz & glam! She spends hours keeping her search engine on GO--researching, flipping through magazines for inspiration, and working hard to stay-up-to date with ever-
changing fashion trends. Her passion drives her hard work & the success of her boutique reflects  her love for what she does!

Sacha’s secret sauce is simply staying inspired & true to herself. She believes in trusting her instincts 100%, especially when it’s time to pick out new collections for The Vault. She is intentional with her content & prides herself on quality. Sacha’s confidence, passion, and trailblazing determinism will only continue to propel her forward to inevitable success in all ofher fashionable endeavors!

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Your style is in The Vault!